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Clients' Satisfaction
Our best recommendation present our clients who, on a scale from 1 to 5, gave us the average grade of 4,62 at inquiring their satisfaction with services of Qualitas and realized project results.

Hereby we present their opinions:



When we got to know you five years ago, that was first of all a professional approach to getting to know a new area for all of us in the company. Thanks to persuasiveness of the team gathered around Mr. Keller, we became aware that this was a new challenge put before our company, whereas today I may confirm that thanks to such approach also in our organization of the company, we became a promoter of a positive step forward in all public utility services, recognizable in the entire country. It is difficult to transfer all of that into financial ratios, but by establishing responsibilities of each individual, the quality imposes itself. This is why we have been especially thankful to our partners from Qualitas, who put a lot of effort to get acquainted with all our virtues and weaknesses, indispensable for implementation of quality and environment management system. Simply, we became one family, strengthened over time - beside professionalism - also with friendship. The team gathered by Mr. Keller proves how much effort he invested into development of his company, equally as the companies to which quality system become priority. Therefore, I would like to thank to him for new knowledge with the recommendation of Qualitas to everyone who wishes high quality changes.

In Cakovec, 16th December 2008
Ivan Perhoc, director of GKP „CAKOM“ d.o.o.
GKP „CAKOM“ d.o.o. 

For us the company Qualitas is the association for extreme correctness, business efficiency, competence, success and support at any time.

In Cakovec, 16th December 2008
Snjezana Tkalcec Avirovic, Management's Representative for Quality and Environment
GKP „CAKOM“ d.o.o.

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Medimurske vode d.o.o. from Cakovec and Qualitas d.o.o. established and maintain extremely successful business cooperation. This cooperation started as early as by the end of 2002 after the strategic decision of Međimurske vode on establishment and development of the integrated management system based on the international norms for management systems, and selection of the Qualitas' experts for consulting. Within optimal time Međimurske vode implemented with success at first the integrated system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which we soon thereafter expanded with HACCP requests, and thereafter also ISO 22000. Thus integrated process management system, with the expert assistance of Qualitas, became a practical reference model for development of integrated systems in the region of Međimurska County and water resources management.
Evaluating highly the satisfaction of our company as the client of Qualitas we especially stress their competence, continual support and readiness for innovative approach, as also expanding cooperation in other areas of operating.

In Cakovec, 16th December 2008
M. Sc. (Sec) Josip Taradi, Head of the Integrated Process Management System
Medimurske vode d.o.o.

Members of the Group Jadranka are the companies Jadranka d.d., Jadranka hoteli d.o.o., Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. and Jadranka trgovina d.o.o.  With several years long work in all companies we established and documented certain standards and also wanted to formally confirm and improve these.
When we decided to achieve it with implementation of ISO standards, we began negotiations with potential consulting companies, and made, after the price-quality ratio analysis, the decision to engage Qualitas.
Taking into account that as a Group we have many points of contact we considered the introduction of ISO should be parallel in all companies. It was not easy to get parallel work done in four companies with partly similar, but also partly different processes; it lasted for almost year and a half, but at the end in April 2008 we were successfully certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. The entire process and records are kept by means of Control ES and Qualitas Quit programs.
After the certification we still use services of Qualitas, in order to successfully maintain and upgrade system.
Mr. Keller and his team lead us very successfully in establishing the system, so we may recommend them to the companies planning to establish ISO system. This especially relates to hotel and camping companies, out of which we were among the first in Croatia that established the system. We learned from Qualitas, but Qualitas also learned from us.

In Mali Losinj, 24th December 2008
Tatjana Braskic, Management's Representative for Quality
Jadranka d.d.
RIONE d.o.o.


When choosing consulting company we were guided by experience and recommendations of our business partners. Analyzing reference lists, contacting all offerors, knowing what we want and what we have to expect, we made a decision to choose Qualitas and we did not make a mistake. With our joint work in the past period at the high professional level, guided in every moment by experience and knowledge of Qualitas consultants we achieved our objective – establishment of the efficient food security management system in compliance with ISO 22000.

In Osijek, 20th December 2008
M. Sc. Marko Golubovic, Head of Purchase and Sales Department
Rione d.o.o. Darda