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Business Advisory – Services Overview

poslovno-savjetovanje.jpgQualitas creates for each client a tailor made solution to meet its special needs. But, the result is always the same, i.e. achievement of measurable improvements, whether it is the matter of decrease of expenses, improvement of process effectiveness and efficiency, improvement of customers’ satisfaction or income maximization.

Qualitas advisory services are based on verified concepts such as Strategic Planning, Six Sigma, Lean, Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecards, and Integrated Performance Management. All those solutions include philosophy, methodology and tools for assistance to organizations to improve their business results. They are focused on customers’ satisfaction and improvement of business processes, operational, as also management and support processes.

The profit achieved through application of Qualitas solutions provenly excels invested expenses.

A large majority of unsuccess of the top management is not the result of bed strategy and business plans, than of capabilities to implement those. Also Qualitas recognized that fact, so in its work it gives special emphasis to solutions implementation, whether it is the matter of strategy implementation, transformation from functional into process organization or implementation of management system compliant with ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ...