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Strategic Guidelines


To be support on the road to business excellence.


To be the leading consulting company in the region in the field of business management.

Quality Policy

Business success of Qualitas relies on satisfaction of our customers: with top-grade quality of the rendered services and overall activities of all employees.

We strive to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, as also of all other interested parties: owners, employees, suppliers and the community in which we operate, through application of the quality management system.

Quality management system has been established and maintained in the manner that the employees at all levels, headed by the management, have the obligation to:

  • meet requests and needs of the beneficiaries
  • comply with the law and obliging regulations
  • act in compliance with the established procedures and assigned responsibilities
  • constantly improve efficacy of its procedures and business processes.

Management of the Company regularly determines annual objectives in order to enable achievement of this policy.