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QUALITAS d.o.o. general

Qualitas d.o.o. is the consulting company skilled in improvement of business through strategic management solutions and business process and information management.

Our business success is based on achievement of clients' satisfaction by top-grade quality of offered services, adjusted to their unique needs.

The experts of Qualitas base their level of competence on continual acquisition of advanced knowledge and recent information technologies, as also on experience gained by several hundreds of successfully completed projects.

Services and solutions of Qualitas are used by successful organizations in order to become even more successful, but also by those facing problems in operating who wish to solve them quickly. They both need changes in form of continual and/or by leaps and bounds improvements to retain or realize competitive advantage and their customers’ satisfaction. After we identify area of possible improvements, we define objectives we wish to reach by a project. Those are always concrete, measurable and time-limited objectives. Our task is that through each project the client severalfoldly returns the invested assets.

We put special emphasis on solution implementation, whether it is the matter of strategy implementation, transformation from functional into process organization, implementation of the management system that complies with ISO or application of an IT solution. For that reason we, in the first place, aspire to solutions which will be accepted in practice at all necessary levels of organization, which means they should be  clear and applicable. Therefore we put a lot of effort to enable a wider circle of people to give initiative and to include them into problem solving.